Fire + Ice Grill + Bar Unforgettably Fun Culinary Thrill Ride!


FiRE + iCE Grill + Bar is a smokin’ hot restaurant showcasing an incredible variety of fresh food, cooked on their open grill in a fun, refreshing atmosphere. They  take the concept of having a meal your way to an unprecedented, exciting level, as you are in complete control of your meal’s journey. Select from a delectable array of fresh meats, seafood, vegetables, and pasta available in thier in-house market place. Choose the types of internationally inspired sauce to add to your entrée. Dictate grilling preferences as you watch our grill chefs expertly work their magic on their huge open grill. The vast abundance of sumptuous ingredients available at your fingertips will provide you with a seemingly endless list of exciting, flavorful choices to make each grill visit. Located on the upper level at the Anaheim GardenWalk, just steps from Disneyland & the Convention Center, and a short drive from Angel Stadium & the Honda Center, visit FiRE + iCE for an unforgettably fun culinary thrill ride!