Chang Sensory Trails at the Hollywood Palladium


Chang Sensory Trails 2018 is a Thai food event that celebrates craftsmanship. Inspired by the Thai philosophy of Lamiat, which inspires us to pay attention to the details and look beyond the ordinary, as it is underpinned by a deep and authentic appreciation that it is the small things that refine and produce perfection. Guests will be able to experience and appreciate what brought Chang beer and Chang Sensory Trails to life, because after all, Lamiat is in everything we do.

Chang Sensory Trails takes a broader stance in 2018 with the aim of creating kin-ships, by connecting people through their common appreciation for perfection in food, art and music.

About Chang Beer

Chang Beer was first introduced in Thailand in 1995, and within three years it had already captured more than 50 percent of the Thai market share. Chang Beer is a well-balanced and full-bodied lager with a complex aroma and a crisp, smooth and incredibly refreshing taste. Chang uses deep-well water to achieve the perfect mineral composition to brew its lager the water is so pure that it is also bottled and sold in Thailand as mineral water. Chang is synonymous with the taste of Thailand for many of its international fans.

This event is FREE to the public (ages 21+ only). Food and drinks can be purchased separately.


Hollywood Palladium Parking Lot

6215 Sunset Boulevard

Entrance on Selma Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028